Belize Dogs In Need.

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After coming to Belize on vacation, I wanted to write a post on all the stray dogs I have seen here. I met the most wonderful man - Kenny - who endlessly and wholeheartedly cares for all stray animals. He remains positive despite it seeming a huge uphill battle to help all the dogs here. His whole life is devoted to helping these animals - and it has touched my heart to the core. 


He wants for nothing for himself apart from feeding his family, and helping many animals have a better life. He reminded me that if you just focus on helping every single dog that crosses your path - and just keep going - that every little bit helps.

We bought food and water, traveling around Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and San Ignacio, feeding as many street dogs as we could find. I will be donating all my profits this month to Caye Caulker Rescue and Kenny. I didn't start this business for the money - I left a corporate buying career at Tjmaxx to do something fulfilling, and that makes my heart warm every day. And it certainly does. 

I met Sandy one morning on the beach at the Caribbean Villas Resort in San Pedro in Ambergris caye. (She was a beautiful sand color, and had sand on her nose. Original, I know! haha) She pretty much got in my bag to eat all my dog treats, and drank all my water. I would have given her my last drop. She was covered in ticks - I counted 40. I looked for her again in the afternoon and couldn’t find her. I went to the local pet shop and bought her more food and some tick medicine. I must have driven around San Pedro for 2 hours trying to find her. Nothing.


After dropping my friend back that evening, I saw her on the road. I immediately pulled over in my golf cart, ran over and gave her the treats and tick medicine. I eventually got her in my cart and drove her back to my hotel - much to my frustration they wouldn't let me take her to my room.


I had to leave her outside with a bowl of water and some chicken. Sadly Saga Humane Society was not open that weekend so I couldn't drop her off. I had to leave the island to come to San Ignacio - but not before I emailed Saga Humane Society with pictures and location so they can go and look for her - fingers crossed that they find her. 

Caye Caulker Animal Rescue

I will be coming back to see Kenny at Caye Caulker Animal rescue with a case full of treats, food and supplies as soon as I can. I was shocked at how expensive all the dog food was, and how low the quality is in his local stores. 

Here is a link to his Gofundme page - any donations you can make, big or small - make a huge difference for this wonderful man and the dogs he painstakingly saves. If anyone has plans to travel here, email me and I can give you tips on anything you need.

I would also like to spread awareness about the abuse/taking advantage of puppies for money. There are people here who take puppies away from their moms and use them to get money from tourists wanting to take pictures with them on the street. These puppies are all discarded once they grow, or left alone to fend for themselves. So if you do see someone flaunting puppies for pictures, just politely decline. 

On my last morning in Caye Caulker, I heard a tiny crying sound when I was coming down the stairs in my apartment. I looked down and saw a little black and white puppy hiding by the trash. With only 1 hour before my ferry left, I grabbed her and took her to Kenny. 


Here is a guide on how to adopt a dog from Belize and a link to adoption from foreign rescues. American Airlines is one airline that is extremely flexible and pet friendly. Here is a guide about travelling with a dog by

Thank you for reading, I have now spent most of my budget on dog food and medication - and I couldn't be happier.

Alexandra xoxo


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